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Requirements for the loan

No credit checks are performed, because at InstaLoans we do not take this factor into consideration, it’s not important for your approval. In exceptional cases some of our lenders can perform some kind of credit check.

In short, we ask our applicants to be actively employed, because without a job, there is no salary. Other sources of income, like benefits or SSI, are acceptable as well.

Also the applicant must have a bank account (typically a checking or saving account), because payday loans are transferred electronically. Finally, you need to submit an application you can find at our website.


How to apply for instant payday loans

Instant payday loans are like any other loan and even simpler. There is only one important thing to understand before taking the loan. It is a short-term solution and you pay back the money on your next payday.

The advent of online services has made everything easier, including getting a loan. The days of faxing piles of papers and stressful waiting while the application is processed are gone. Applying with InstaLoans means really quick online quotes, no paperwork and excellent customer service. At our website payday loans are easily accessible and processed almost instantly.

Simply put, you should apply for payday loans only if you need money very eagerly. If you plan to buy something you need immediately like new tyres or or if fees on a bounced check may take all the money from the following month’s salary and damage your credit score, then InstaLoans.Org gives the ideal solution for you – an instant payday loans!

As payday loans are small loans you can not borrow too much. The exact amount depends on your monthly income and ranges between $100 and $1,000. On the agreed date the loan amount plus interest is deducted from your bank account.

InstaLoans understands that the applicant usually has an immediate need for money. To facilitate this, our lenders approve loans in seconds and the money is issued the next day or the same day or even in 1 hour! Isn’t it amazing?!


Payday Loans – Instant. Secure. Direct.

Discover the benefits of instant loans! Your bank account is drained and your next payday does not come soon enough? A sudden car repair or other major expenditures come and you need cash right now, what do you do? The solution we offer is to get an instant payday loanInstaLoans can help you survive through the rough spot and provide timely financial help!

Guaranteed Request Review

We can guarantee, that all applications are carefully reviewed by lenders!

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Direct Lender

InstaLoans matches you directly with the loan lender!

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No Credit Check

InstaLoans doesn’t perform any checks of your credit history! Lenders do so.

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Fast Payout

Loan is deposited the same or the next business day!

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Provision of funds & Repayment

Basically, payday loans are short-term loans. They act as a bridge till your next payday, so we offer up to 4 weeks to repay the borrowed amount. You can extend the repayment term if necessary. If something unexpected happens and you need more time to repay the loan, please contact your direct lender immediately. They will work out a solution for you.

The interest for payday loans is usually expressed as a fixed fee. Look at this fee and do not worry about an annual percentage rate (APR). While the APR may seem high, it also does not make any sense, because no payday loan is paid for a period of one year. Most payday loans are paid back in 2-3 weeks, so that calculation of the annual percentage rate is completely useless in these circumstances.

Note! Using instant payday loans does not solve long-term financial problems. These loans should be restricted to the financial emergency where money is needed immediately. We ask you to only borrow what you really need, because you need to be careful about your finances. But you always can count on InstaLoans in case of financial emergency!


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